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A simple, cross-browser, parallel images loader object.

       imagesQueue.js FULL SOURCE
       A simple, cross-browser, *parallel* images loader object.
       Check for more details.
                     onComplete: function(){} // Fires when all finished loading
                     ,onLoaded: function(){} // Fires when an image finishes loading
                     ,current: null // Last loaded image (Image Object)
                     ,qLength : 0 // the queue length before process_queue
                     ,images: [] // Loaded images (array of Image Object)
                     ,inProcess : false // a flag to indicate if in process_queue
                     ,queue:[] // Waiting to be processed (array of strings (urls for Image SRC))
                     ,queue_images: function(){ // gets multiple arguments each can be either an image src or an array of image src (you can mix).
                           var arg=arguments;
                           for (var i=0;i<arg.length;i++){
                                  if (arg[i].constructor === Array){
                                         this.queue= this.queue.concat(arg[i]); // add to queue, do not empty it!
                                  }else if(typeof arg[i]==='string'){
                     ,process_queue: function() { // start loading images from the queue
                           this.inProcess = true;
                           this.qLength += this.queue.length;
                           while(this.queue.length >0){
                                  this.load_image(this.queue.shift()); //pull the next image off the top and load it
                           this.inProcess = false;
                     ,load_image: function(imageSrc){ // load a single by a url and continue to process the queue
                           var th = this;
                           var im = new Image;
                           im .onload = function(){ // After user agent has the image
                                  th.current = im ; // set the current
                                  th.images.push(im ); // add the image to the stack
                                  (th.onLoaded)(); //fire the onloaded
                                  if(th.queue.length > 0 && !th.inProcess){
                                         th.process_queue(); // make sure other items are loaded!
                                  if(th.qLength == th.images.length){ // all images loaded?
                                         (th.onComplete)(); // call callback
                                  }//else{// if queue is not empty
                                  // }
                           im .src = imageSrc; // Tell the User Agent to GET the image

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